Partenariats internationaux

Our partners abroad

Autograf and its dynamic academic team encourage students to travel and to do so, organise school trips and workshops abroad, in Europe and across the world.

Given its excellent reputation and the quality of its programs, Autograf has signed partnership agreements with numerous prestigious universities from all around the world, laying the ground for student exchange programs.

Many former Autograf students have had the opportunity to make their dream come true and work in China, New-Zealand, Malta, Algeria, the United-Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Australia, Spain, Israel, Belgium, Tunisia, Brasil, Mexico, Japan, etc.


Drawing on its partnership with the Osaka Sogo College of Design, Autograf organises each year international workshops, student exchanges and teacher work placements with this prestigious Design School in Osaka.
Both schools established common programs within the Bachelor's Degree in Video Game Art - Japan-oriented and the Bachelor's Degree in French-Japanese Design.


Every year and for more than 10 years now, Autograf has organised with the Beijing University of Technology College of Art a cultural and knowledge exchange during two Interior Architecture workshops: one taking place in Paris and the other in Beijing. Two former Autograf students are now currently working in China.


Autograf encourages you to spend part of your course in Quebec. Student exchanges have been made possible. Autograf also organises each year international workshops over shorter periods of time with the Saint-Jean-sur Richelieu CEGEP, near Montreal.
The Saint-Jean-sur Richelieu CEGEP also provides Autograf sudents the opportunity to do their internship in Quebec, whatever their sector of choice.


Autograf is exporting its Bachelor's Degree in Digital and Graphic Design to Algiers, with its partner school Kampus 22.

Thanks to its partnership with EPAU (École polytechnique d'architecture et d'urbanisme) in Algiers, Algerian students can complete their degree in architecture with a module on Interior Architecture delivered by Autograf's teachers.


Autograf signed a partnership with two universities in Mexico, making student exchanges possible. The Anahuac Mayab University in Merida can receive students in digital design, interior design and video game design for a semester or a full year, just like Autograf welcomes Mexican students.

The Centro University in Mexico City can host students in graphic design, interior design, digital design but also in 3D animation.


Autograf has a student exchange program with the UFV Madrid University.


Autograf has a student exchange program with the Instituto Politéchnico de Bragança.


Autograf has a student exchange program with the Van Lang University in Ho Chi Minh City.


Autograf has a student exchange program with the Free University in Tbilissi.

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