Formations, Design d'espace et architecture intérieure

Interior & Architecture Design

Interior Designers show creativity and audacity. They organise, rehabilitate, bring a place back to life, offer new, clever, aesthetic solutions. Combining sensitivity to technical skills, Interior Designers, as well as Interior Architects, offer solutions that answer to a specific brief and that meet the needs of a group of individuals' lifestyle or a company's requirements, while addressing the material, budgetary and environmental constraints of each space.

Be it as a Junior Assistant or a Project Manager, an Interior Architect or a Set Designer, Interior Designers work in various fields: booths, home design, interior architecture, landscaping, set design, museography, etc.

Our programs are recognised by the State and certified by the French National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP).

Autograf offers a full range of higher education programs in Interior Design, Interior Architecture and Set Design.

Our programs:

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