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FLE (French as a Foreign Language) + Art & Design

Autograf offers two programs that are suited to international students who wish to come study Applied Arts and Design in France but who do not have the proficiency level in French required (TCF/DELF B2) to apply to a Bachelor's or a Master's Degree.

These French as a Foreign Language classes aim at developing the student's knowledge in French and French artistic culture, all the while studying design and applied arts à la française.

Autograf has two FLE programs:

This program is a 1-year or 6-month course. It is destined for students who have never studied art before and/or have limited proficiency in French (A1-A2). The syllabus includes general French as a Foreign Language classes where most educational resources and terminology revolve around the arts but it also includes cultural outings, initiation technical courses, and initiation to the French artistic culture (drawing, plastic arts, creative design, computer graphics, etc.)
You will receive a training certificate at the end of the course.

This 1-year program is destined to students who have studied design and applied arts for at least 2 years and who wish to improve their proficiency in French in order to apply to Autograf's Master's Degrees. On top of intensive French language classes, you will attend the Design Workshop weeks included in the Bachelor's Degree in Global Sustainable Design syllabus.
You will receive a training certificate for the French language classes upon completion of the course as well as a European diploma validating a Bachelor’s Degree in Global Sustainable Design.

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