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Master’s Degree of Art Director in Graphic Design - Major in Creative Advertising

Certified level 7 by the French National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP)

The Master’s Degree of Art Director in Graphic Design - Major in Creative Advertising aims at developing the creative, conceptual and graphic dimension of the student throughout several cross-curricular projects.
This program will train creative students that are able to offer and present their ideas, to assemble a team and manage it, to surround themselves with qualified professionnals in order to fulfill an assignment, and carry out a project working for an agency or as a freelancer.

Possible status, pace: You can apply to this Master's Degree as a graduate student, as part of your continuous education or with a work-study program (apprenticeships or vocational training schemes). Indicative pace: one week spent in school for every two weeks spent working in a company. 1120 hours of training. This program is APEL compatible.

Duration of the course: Two years

Career Prospects: Art Director in graphic design working in a communications agency, an advertising agency, or in the communications department of a company. The art director in graphic design is in charge of the visual dimension of a communications campaign and takes part to the various stages of the design, the negociations and the execution of a project. The art director conceives and manages the entire graphic design and allocates the work that needs to be carried out by the other professionals working on the project.


This master's degree of art director in graphic design includes conceptual and semantic teachings, as well as plastic, technological and managerial teachings.
During these two years of training, on top of the personal projects required to validate each subject, students are asked to work individually on a year-long project as well as on a dissertation specialising on creative advertising.
Students will also get familiar with the notions of project management in an agency setting with the opportunity to create collectives in second year. During the year, each collective must complete three real projects for real sponsors who have sollicited the school or who are part of the students' network.

As a graduate student, you will have to complete an internship for a minimum of 25 weeks during the two years of your master's degree.
These internships are mandatory and will give you the opportunity to get some first-hand work experience. They will facilitate your integration into working life and make it much easier for you to join multidisciplinary teams and work for graphic design studios, advertising agencies, design, communications and creative agencies.

Master’s Degree of Art Director in Graphic Design - Major in Creative Advertising / First Year 60
Contemporary Design
Creativity, History and Theory
Creative Advertising
Plastic Experimentation
Visual Narrative
Signs and Visual Coding
Rough Sketch
Computer Graphics
Graphic Design
Pitching with a Business School
Tutored Project Monitoring
International Workshops
Master’s Degree of Art Director in Graphic Design - Major in Creative Advertising / Second Year 60
Applied English
Contemporary Design
The Workings of an Agency
Law, Intellectual Property, Advertising
Interpersonal Communication Techniques
Video Editing
Editorial Design
Advertising materials
Acoustic Design
Creative Studio
Photography studio
Tutored Project Monitoring
International Workshops

How to apply

There is a specific admissions procedure to follow to apply to a Master's Degree. The International Office is here to support you throughout the application process and remains at your disposal for any request you might have.

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Dual degree:

This program grants access to the title of Art Director in Graphic Design, certified at level 7 (former level 1) by the French National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP) pursuant to the ministerial decree of May 17, 2018 published in the Official Journal on May 24, 2018.

Recognised as an International Master's Degree by the FEDE (Federation for EDucation in Europe) and IDELart-culture.

An INGO, the FEDE is holding the participatory status with the Council of Europe. It is a European network of higher education and vocational education institutions that share a common project of high standards, quality and ambition. The FEDE network aims at improving the comprehensibility of the diplomas issued by the schools and fosters student mobility and student exchanges between schools.

Graduation is subjected to the completion and validation of 120 ECTS credits (60 credits per year).

Students enrolled in the Master's Degree are eligible to apply to bilateral student exchange programs.


After having studied graphic design for three years, the specialisation in creative advertising allowed me to expand my skill set and to obtain a better understanding of the adversiting market thanks to the pragmatic input brought by professionals working in agencies.
NicolasMaster’s Degree of Art Director in Graphic Design - Major in Creative Advertising
Émilie Vallet
Émilie ValletGraphic & Digital Design
Jules Prat
Jules PratGraphic & Digital Design

Meet your teachers

Antoine Monneret
Antoine MonneretArt Director in Graphic Design
Pitching: learning how to work in an agency
Once a year, Autograf's Creative Design students meet with students from ESA 3 Business School. Representing some fictional agencies, they get to provide a solution to a real client's communications brief by setting up a full campaign: communication strategy, recommandations, action proposals, design, budget, etc.

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