Autograf's students share their Autograf experience.

Emilie VALLET is now working as an art director for CITHÉA COMMUNICATION. A former student in Graphic Design, Emilie applied for a work-study program in our school.

Émilie VALLETFormer student in graphic design (work-study program)

Jules PRAT is now working as an art director for EXTREME MUSE. A former student in Bachelor's and Master's Degree of Art Director in Graphic Design, Jules agreed to answer our questions and share his experience about his education at Autograf, his job, etc.

Jules PRAT
Jules PRATFormer student in graphic design

Cindy MANSCOURT is now working as an interior architect for MALHERBE PARIS. A former student in Interior Architecture, Cindy graduated from her Master's Degree with a work-study program. Cindy agreed to answer our questions and share her experience about her education at Autograf, her job, etc.

Cindy MANSCOURTFormer student in Master’s Degree of Interior Architect - Designer
Samantha MILOVANOVICStudent in Master's Degree of Art Director in Video Game Design
Amelle AMRANI Student in 1st Year Bachelor's Degree in Design
Rémi FALLStudent in 3rd year Bachelor's Degree in Global Sustainable Design, in a work-study program
The Intensive Preparatory Course in Arts allowed me to become a more mature person and gain confidence in design. I got to develop my critical thinking skills, something I didn't really have before and which is essential in this domain. After the Intensive Preparatory Course in Arts, I decided to study in an architecture school and I managed to get in the National School of Architecture Paris Val de Seine.
Charlotte C. (Intensive Preparatory Course in Arts)
Charlotte C. (Intensive Preparatory Course in Arts)« Making educational choices »
Studying for a vocational training certificate is like being part of a small family. With 20 students per class, it's much easier to get some work done than in a huge auditorium. There is a constructive and friendly atmosphere. Both teachers and the academic team know us individually, we're not just a name on a list.
Nicolas R. (Visual Communications Vocational Training Certificate - BTS)
Nicolas R. (Visual Communications Vocational Training Certificate - BTS)« A constructive and friendly atmosphere »
The Master's Degree in Interior Design is the next logical step after the Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design. This specialised program enabled me to improve the knowledge I had previously acquired and to study independently. It is centered on the professional sector and prepares you to your future career thanks to the partnerships signed between Autograf and several businesses. My years at Autograf allowed me to grow both on an artistic and technical level.
Anne-Sophie L. (Interior Design Architect)
Anne-Sophie L. (Interior Design Architect)« An artistic and technical development »

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