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FLE ART (French as a Foreign Language + Art)

This program is a 1-year or 6-month course. It is destined for students who have never studied art before and/or have limited proficiency in French.
This preparatory course will allow you to enhance your knowledge in the French language and in the French artistic culture, all the while studying design and applied arts à la française.

The syllabus includes general French as a Foreign Language classes where most educational resources and terminology revolve around the arts but it also includes cultural outings, initiation technical courses, and initiation to the French artistic culture (drawing, plastic arts, creative design, computer graphics, etc.)

Validation: You will receive a training certificate at the end of the course.

Duration of the course: 1 year or 6 months. It is possible to start the program either in September or in January.

Further Education: This program is the perfect way to prepare yourself before applying to one of our Bachelor's Degree or Master's Degree in Design the year after.


Programme of the FLE ART (French as a Foreign Language + Art) training

This course will allow you to enhance your knowledge in French and in the French artistic culture before applying to a Bachelor's Degree or Master's Degree the year after.

Mornings are dedicated to language lessons and cultural classes and the afternoons are devoted to the discovery of design and plastic arts.

You will get to pick the arts and design classes that suit you best, depending on your preferences, your plans of further education and your language proficiency level.

French students will also attend some of these arts and design classes. It will be for you an incentive to practice your French and apply the knowledge acquired during your language classes.

FLE ART (French as a Foreign Language + Art) 60
FLE - General class
FLE - Writing
FLE - Artistic Practices
TECHNOLOGICAL EDUCATION (3 to pick from:) 16
Illustration Drawing
Plastic Expression
Perspective Drawing
Graphics Studio
Architecture Studio
DTP / CAD Computer Graphics
Plastic Expression Workshop
How to apply

Apply for the FLE ART (French as a Foreign Language + Art) training

Admission requirements for the FLE Art Program include an interview and the presentation of a portfolio of personal work.

The International Office is here to support you throughout the application process and remains at your disposal for any request you might have.

Apply now


Certifications of the FLE ART (French as a Foreign Language + Art) training

Course validation is subjected to the validation of 60 ECTS credits.

A training certificate will be delivered upon course validation.


Testimonials: FLE ART (French as a Foreign Language + Art)

After completing a degree in management in China, I applied to an engineering school in France, but I didn't really like the program and I had always been passionate about drawing. So I decided to switch course and study Graphic Design and fulfill my dream to work in this industry.
I decided to apply to the FLE Art program at Autograf. The classes are varied and on top of our language classes, we also studied the arts, the French artistic culture and new technologies. It allowed me to acquire some fundamental knowledge on Graphic Design all the while improving my French.
FANG YunStudent in FLE Art.


Drawing Workshop

International FLE Art students attend a common workshop with the Bachelor's in Design First Year French students. Focusing on a common theme, the teams, led by artists, are invited to work on a plastic artwork. It is a key opportunity to make educational choices and learn how to work in teams.

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