Bachelor's Degree of 3D Artist (3D Animation, Video Games, VFX)
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Bachelor's Degree of 3D Artist (3D Animation, Video Games, VFX)

Certified by the French National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP) with Level 6

This course can be followed as a full-time program or work-study program!

This Bachelor's degree enables students to learn about the professions of video games and 3D animation.
3D creations are ubiquitous: advertising, web, television and film packaging, special effects (VFX) for cinema and video games, architecture and landscape.

This degree leads to opportunities in high-demand fields and a range of employment opportunities, including serious games, VR applications, phone applications, NFT, product design, architecture, real estate, motion design, advertising, video games, and animation.

Skills targeted:

  • Block 1 : Design and prototype 3D models
  • Block 2 : Structure and manage the 3D image production process
  • Block 3 : Produce all or part of a 3D work
  • Block 4 : Compose and finalize the production of a 3D work

Possible status: The Bachelor's degree can be obtained through initial training, continuing education, or work-study programs, with a professionalization contract or apprenticeship.

Duration of the course: Three years.

Careers: Autograf trains specialists in 3D animation and video games, including 3D graphic artists (product designers, 3D motion designers, 3D architecture designers), character artists, environment artists, Unreal integrators, 3D animators, 3D environment artists, concept artists, etc.


Program of the Bachelor's Degree of 3D Artist (3D Animation, Video Games, VFX)


The first year is dedicated to learning the classical artistic basics common to many fields (anatomy, myology, and perspective). It is also dedicated to acquiring the basics of 3D: modeling, lighting, pre-calculated rendering compositing, animation, and initiation to the creation of real-time renders (video games).

This year trains students in creating an animated film using 3D image synthesis. It teaches shaping ideas on paper (storyboarding, drawing), then using specific software (3ds Max, Maya, Marmoset, etc.) to create animated characters and environments until final editing (compositing).


The second year focuses on deepening all the techniques learned the previous year and discovering new subtleties for the student to project themselves into the 3D and video game industry.

This year is focused on creating a video game and is centered on the graphical part (e.g., 3DS Max) and introduces software dedicated to real-time rendering (Marmoset, Unreal Engine, etc.).


The third year is dedicated to specialization and application of all the knowledge acquired in the previous two years.
This final year allows students to create their own animated film or video game, prepare for their integration into the professional world (CV, demo reel, artstation, LinkedIn, end-of-year portfolio), and specialize in a preferred area of 3D (Concept Artist, 3D Modeler, Lighting and Image Composition, Digital Sculptor, 3D Animator, Artist Technician for rigging, morphing, and skinning, etc.)

During the program, in addition to the knowledge acquired at school, the goal is to give students the opportunity to put into practice all the lessons learned and to allow them to understand the professional world, and this is possible through work-study programs starting from the second year or a final year Bachelor internship.

The student will then be ready to integrate and adapt to the requirements of 3D animation and video game agencies or studios.

Bachelor 3D Artist / First Year 60
Art History
Cinema Culture & Animation
Fundamentals of 3D (3D modeling / texturing / lighting / rendering)
Fundamentals of 2D and 3D animation editing
Introduction to Zbrush & Nuke
Anatomy and live modeling
Academic drawing perspective and environment
Academic drawing Concept Art
Sculpture and modeling
Digital Paint
Storyboard and staging
Conferences (animation film / video games)
Projects: 3D Environment & Asset
Year project: Animation Film
Creation of a demo reel
Bachelor 3D Artist / Second Year 60
Arts Culture
Advanced 3D (3D modeling / texturing / lighting / rendering)
Digital Sculpture
Game engine integration
3D Animation
Digital paint
Anatomy and live modeling
Conferences (animation film / video games)
Professional Projects
Year project: Video Game Creation
Bachelor 3D Artist / Third Year 60
Specialization in 3D (3D modeling / texturing / lighting / rendering)
3D Animation
In-Game Integration
Conferences (animation film / video games)
Year project: Video Game or Animation Film Creation
Professional Development (CV, demo reel, etc.)
Evaluation method

Evaluation method of the Bachelor's Degree of 3D Artist

Individual assessments, oral and written, and continuous assessment, in the form of case studies and reconstructed professional situations. The candidate must validate the four evaluation juries of the blocks of competences and present himself to the final certification jury.

Block 1: In the context of a re-enacted professional situation, the candidate presents a pre-production file to the assessment panel, including the technical and graphic elements of his/her design and prototyping project in 3D images, and then presents the elements produced orally to a panel.

Block 2: In the context of a reconstituted professional situation, the candidate presents a real time or pre-calculated 3D production management file to the assessment board, then presents the elements produced orally to a jury.

Block 3: In the context of a re-enacted professional situation, the candidate builds a hierarchical digital file for a jury, including the technical and graphic elements of his/her project (3D models, textures, 3D animation, real-time integration, special effects).

Block 4: As part of this evaluation test, the candidate produces alone and presents to the jury animated and finalized 3D sequences for pre-calculation and for real time (video game cinematics or 3D film or 3D in-game sequence with sound).

Certification Jury: The candidate presents his/her 3D production projects to the Certification Jury and gives an oral presentation based on his/her technical and graphic supports and production files.

How to apply

Apply for the Bachelor's Degree of 3D Artist

Admission to the Bachelor 3D Artist is based on a motivational interview and the submission of a portfolio of work

This course is available on a work-study program: To learn more about work-study programs.

Admission to the Bachelor 3D Artist for international students is subject to a specific admission procedure. Additionally, the international services department assists students in their application process and is available for any inquiries.

Apply now


Certifications of the Bachelor's Degree of 3D Artist

The course gives access to the title of 3D Designer (animation, VFX, video games), registered at Level 6 of the French National Directory of Professional Certification (RNCP).

Obtaining the Bachelor's degree is subject to the validation of 180 ECTS credits (60 credits per year).


Testimonials: Bachelor's Degree of 3D Artist

After having graduated from high school, I knew I wanted to study art but I didn't have a clear idea in mind. So I enrolled in the Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design. I completed the Degree as part of a work-study program, I was then working as a graphic designer for a company founded by an Autograf Alumnus. While I was doing my degree, I was delighted to see that Autograf was also offering a program on Video Games and 3D Animation.
After having graduated from my degree, I directly enrolled in the 2nd year of the International Bachelor's Degree in Video Game Art at Autograf. I was still working as a graphic designer as part of a work-study program, but for a different company where I'd be given more responsabilities, essentially thanks to my skills in 3D Animation.
Right from the Degree's Second Year, we get to do a lot of 3D and in Third Year, we focus more on Programming. It's very intense and educational. We have some assignments to perform, deadlines to meet. It teaches us to work independently and to make progress.We also got to create our own animation project and carry it out from start to finish on our own, it was great!
Also, despite what one might think, the drawing and perspective classes are instrumental in this Video Game Art programme.
My ideal job would be to work as a character designer.
CélineBachelor's Degree of 3D Artist
Samantha Milovanovic
Samantha MilovanovicBachelor's Degree of 3D Artist
Meet your teachers

Your teachers in the Bachelor's Degree of 3D Artist

Albert Huynh Van Loc

Albert Huynh Van Loc

3D Animation

I am Hyunh Van Loc Albert, a 3D animator for nearly 4 years at Illumination Mac-Guff.
I have worked on various projects including advertisements, short films, and movies within this studio.
Key projects: "Sing 2" and "Super Mario Bros: The Movie."

Alexandre Sanchez

Alexandre Sanchez


My name is Alexandre Sanchez, and I work as an author, screenwriter, and narrative designer.
I have written 20 novels and several interactive books, one of which was nominated for the International Game Festival (FIJ).
I have worked as a narrative designer for Bmotions Technologies, Saltclock Studios, and JYDE Editions.

Guillaume-Pierre Soulier

Guillaume-Pierre Soulier

Modeling (3D Environment) & Compositing

My name is Guillaume-Pierre Soulier, and I am a graphic artist specializing in environment, lighting, surfacing, and rendering.
I have worked in various companies, including Buf Compagnie, where I contributed to projects such as Eiffel and the Treadstone series (mainly in compositing).
More recently, I have been involved in lighting at Prodigious Films and Digital District for car and watch advertisements, as well as modeling and surfacing at Fix Studio.

Julian Nguyen You

Julian Nguyen You

Concept Art 2D & Digital Paint

My name is Julian Nguyen You, and I am the chief set designer at LizardCube, notably for the game Streets of Rage 4.
I began my professional journey in both 3D and traditional animation studios and have since transitioned into the independent video game sector.

Antoine Alonso

Antoine Alonso

Rigging/Skinning / VFX / Unreal Engine 5

My name is Antoine Alonso, a 3D Director.
Driven by a passion for the animated series and films of my childhood, I have often sought to recreate similar universes on screens, whether in cinema theaters or, more recently, within a VR headset.
Early in my career, I had the opportunity to delve into virtual reality at the Noovae studio. Today, specializing in 3D direction, I proudly lead the animation studio Yakprod for the past 2 years.
Additionally, I teach Rigging/Skinning and Unreal Engine at Campus Academy in Rennes.

Thomas Cailliez

Thomas Cailliez


My name is Thomas Cailliez, and I am currently a senior lighting artist at Mikros Animation on a feature film. It has been 8 years since I completed my training at MJM Graphic Design.
I have had the opportunity to work at BlueSpirit in Angoulême, and more recently at Fortiche for almost 5 years on the series Arcane, Marvel’s Rocket & Groot, and other projects in roles such as Lead Lighting/Rendering.

Jeremy Rivette

Jeremy Rivette


My name is Jeremy Rivette, and I am a Houdini FX artist working on a freelance basis.
I have worked at Zeilt, Stim Studio, and currently at TeamTo.
The projects I have contributed to include Barababor and Rise of the Guardians.

Julien Lenoury

Julien Lenoury


I am Julien Lenoury, co-founder, Technical Lead, Lead Designer, and 3D Lighting/Compositing artist at Boombros, a Paris-based creative studio that I founded with two other friends. In addition to my role at Boombros, I have been a speaker at Créapole and MJM Graphic Design since 2011.
I have worked on asset modeling for the video game Prince of Persia and other productions such as Unreal Tournament 3, Mozart, etc.
Additionally, I have collaborated with companies including Havas, Publicis, Extreme, Grey, Dior, Boucheron, Ferragamo, Tag Heuer, and more.


Professionals who teach you their trade

In the Bachelor 3D Artist program, all your teachers are design professionals, and in particular specialists in 3D modeling, animation, special effects, etc.
Their professional life, shared between the production studio and their teaching activity, allows them to pass on to their students the reality of the profession and to teach them skills that are as close as possible to the requirements of the field.

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