1er année de Bachelor Design (Première année commune du cycle Bachelor)
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First Year of Bachelor’s Degree in Design (1st common year for any Bachelor degree) - Intensive Preparatory Course in Arts

This 1st year of the Bachelor in Design allows students to learn design and arts prior to picking a more specific field of expertise the following year.

Freshmen can enter in September and in January (late term start).

This year of Bachelor degree introduce students into developping their drawing and creativity skills in the various fields of Design (Graphic & Digital, Architectural, Video Games, Eco-friendly, etc.), with professionals. It will also allow students to acquire basic knowledge in theoretical and technical subjects, such as various drawing techniques (Illustration, Perspective...), the history of design, 2D / 3D computer graphics, English, visual culture, art history, etc.

Following-up this freshman year, students will have to specialise onto a sophomore year such as:

Intensive Foundation Degree in Arts
This training, teaches the basics of drawing, desktop publishing (DTP) and forges creativity. Therefore, it is an excellent preparation for the contests of the French Grandes Écoles in Art, Design and Architecture.

Training duration: 1 year.


Programme of the First Year of Bachelor’s Degree in Design

This Freshman year is an introductory year in design. It lays the foundations of drawing in its various forms, allows students to understand graphic and digital design software as well as 3D. Overall, this year forges and initiates students into creativity.

Students have to complete a minimum of 4 weeks of internship during their Bachelor 1.

This compulsory internship gives the student the opportunity to be in contact with professional reality. It facilitates their future integration into working life, particularly in the context of pursuing block release training.

Bachelor / First year 60
Art History
Portfolio and resume
Sketch & Illustration
Plastic Arts
Perspective Drawing
Life Drawing
Graphic Design
Architecture Studio
DTP Computer Graphics (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign)
CGI Computer Graphics (Autodesk, 3ds Max)
Specialized Computer Graphics (choice of: Digital Design; Interior Design; Video Game Design)
Digital and Graphic Design Workshop
Plastic Arts Workshop
Video Game Workshop / Interior Design Workshop
Responsible Global Design Workshop
How to apply

Apply for the First Year of Bachelor’s Degree in Design

There is a specific admissions procedure to follow to apply to the First Year of Bachelor’s Degree. The International Office is here to support you throughout the application process and remains at your disposal for any request you might have.

Apply now


Certifications of the First Year of Bachelor’s Degree in Design

This first year is integrated into the Bachelor Design degree program certified by the FEDE (Federation for EDucation in Europe) and IDELart-culture.

The FEDE is an INGO with participatory status with the Council of Europe. It represents a European network bringing together many high and professional education establishments sharing a common project of high standards, quality and ambition. The FEDE network promotes the legitimacy of the diplomas awarded and contributes to the mobility of graduate students between schools.

In order to graduate the first year, students have to get 60 ECTS credits.


Testimonials: First Year of Bachelor’s Degree in Design

The first year of Bachelor Design brought me a lot of maturity and confidence regarding the creative field. It is really a good experience to have when you want to work in the artistic field.
CharlotteBachelor Design
I had just graduated from high school with a specialisation in maths and Autgraf was great because in the class we all had different backgrounds. I loved my first year of Bachelor Design because the courses are various and combine art and cutting-edge technologies. Ever since, I see art in a different way now.
RobertaBachelor Design
In the first year of my Bachelor Design degree, I felt more in my element than in medical faculty. The atmosphere was very pleasant and I was not the only one over 20 years old. I was able to discover the design and graphic processes that I was looking for.
NicolasBachelor Design
Amelle Amrani
Amelle AmraniBachelor Design
Meet your teachers

Your teachers in the First Year of Bachelor’s Degree in Design

Damien De La Marlier
Damien De La MarlierDigital Design Teacher
Antoine Monneret
Antoine MonneretArt Director in Graphic Design


Life drawing

There is no secret - to become a good drawer, you need to practise. Autograf encourages student volunteers by opening evening classes of life drawing. These classes are free and take place twice a week!


Bachelor Design freshmen are involved in several workshops with sophomores and junior students. Sorted into teams, students are managed by professionals who guide them into working on a common theme. At the end of the week, each team delivers an oral performance and presentation. These workshops are significant moments for integration, orientation, project management, learning to work in a agency, etc.

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