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Master’s Degree of Interior Architect - Designer

Certified level 7 by the French National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP)

This master's degree will provide you with the skills you need to acquire the methodology to draw up a project in interior architecture, spatial design or scenography: carrying out the research, the analysis, the programming, drawing up technical, normative and descriptive documents. This program facilitates your integration into employment.

Possible specialisations: Interior Achitecture or Scenography

Possible status, pace: You can apply to this Master's Degree as a graduate student, as part of your continuous education or with a work-study program (apprenticeships or vocational training schemes). Indicative pace: one week spent in school for every two weeks spent working in a company. 1120 hours of training. This program is APEL compatible.

Duration of the course: Two years

Career Prospects: The Interior Design Architect's job is to create spaces in existing buildings. As an Interior Design Architect, you will design development projects related to household, cultural and professional human behaviours. You well get to operate in a vast array of settings such as homes, work places (services, commercial, industrial spaces), places of leisure, hospitality sector, temporary spaces (scenography, functions, fairs) and furniture design.

Interior Achitecture or Scenography?

You will be asked to chose a specialisation at the beginning of the Master's second year. The year-long project in second year, needed in order to complete and validate the Master's Degree, will have to focus on one of the two specialisations offered: INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE and SCENOGRAPHY.


As a student in the Master’s Degree of Interior Design Architect, you will get to execute layout and design projects which combine sensibility and creativity.

You will receive a high-level vocational education centered on creativity and professionalism and on acquiring new knowledge and skills in sociology, semiotics, philosophy, plastics (drawings, colors, volumes), graphics, computer graphics, concept, creativity, technology, law and description.

The program combines academic courses with individual projects that you will need to carry out (in between classes). You will have to follow the teacher's precise and targeted instructions (research, references, reports, visiting exhibitions, readings, sketches, etc.). The master's degree aims at creating synergies and breaking down the silos between the various subjects, focusing on the themes covered in the interior architecture or scenography design studio.

You will have to complete an internship in an agency for a minimum of 25 weeks. These internships are mandatory and will give you the opportunity to get some first-hand work experience. They will facilitate your integration into working life and make it much easier for you to join multidisciplinary teams and work for a design firm specialising in architecture, interior architecture or design, a fashion design agency, a communications or creative agency.

Master’s Degree of Interior Design Architect / First Year 60
Architecture, Interior Architecture and Design
Project Philosophy
Law and Regulations
Design & Technology
Color Studio
Project Presentation
Architectural Drawing
Architectural Rough Sketching
Drawing, Live Model
Design Studio
Lighting Studio
Thematic Workshop
International Workshops
Master’s Degree of Interior Design Architect / Second Year 60
Modern Architectural Analysis and Rehabilitation
Project Philosophy
Law and Regulations
Specialised Computer Graphics
Architectural Rough Sketching
Architectural Technology
Design Studio
Architectural Programming
Spatial Plastic Research
Modelling Studio

How to apply

There is a specific admissions procedure to follow to apply to a Master's Degree. The International Office is here to support you throughout the application process and remains at your disposal for any request you might have.

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Dual degree:

his program grants access to the title of Interior Architect - Designer, certified at level 7 (former level I) by the French National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP).

Recognised as an International Master's Degree by the FEDE (Federation for EDucation in Europe) and IDELart-culture, for both specialisations, interior architecture or scenography

An INGO, the FEDE is holding the participatory status with the Council of Europe. It is a European network of higher education and vocation education institutions that share a common project of high standards, quality and ambition. The FEDE network aims at improving the comprehensibility of the diplomas issued by the schools and fosters student mobility and student exchanges between schools.

Graduation is subjected to the completion and validation of 120 ECTS credits (60 credits per year).

Students enrolled in the Master's Degree are eligible to apply to bilateral student exchange programs.


My years at Autograf contributed greatly to my development, both on the artistic and technical level. All the notions I learnt at school are extremely important because I put them to practice everyday at work.
Anne Sophie.
Anne Sophie.Master’s Degree of Interior Architect - Designer
Cindy MANSCOURT.Master’s Degree of Interior Architect - Designer

Meet your teachers

Frédéric Dupressoir
Frédéric DupressoirArchitect (graduated from the French Special School of Architecture), Teacher at Autograf in Interior Architecture Design Studio
International student exchange program: Each year, students in Master’s Degree of Interior Design Architect take part to an exchange program with the Beijing University of Technology College of Arts. Two workshops are organised, one taking place in Beijing, the other in Paris.

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