Développeur intégrateur de médias interactifs
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Interactive Media Developer Integrator

Certified Level 5 by the French National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP)

As an Interactive Media Developer Integrator, you need to master the techonolgies involved in creative design and digital media production in order to be operational. You have a comprehensive knowledge of programming languages, audio and video editing softwares, image processing softwares, etc.
You must have a good understanding of a project's execution process, from the design to the completion. This program will allow you to work in an IT-intensive sector where versatility is much appreciated.

Possible status: You can apply to this program as an undergraduate student or as part of your continuous education
This program is APEL compatible.

Duration of the course: 8 months.

Career Prospects: Graduates of the Certified Diploma of Interactive Media Developer Integrator will have the ability to take part to the creation of an interactive digital application (website, mobile application, etc.). You can expect to work in the following domains: design, graphic design, digital audiovisual media, integration, animation or programming. At the end of the program, you will be able to join a communications and digital direction organisation such as a design studio, a communications agency, a publisher or a production company.

Further Education: After obtaining the certifed diploma of interactive media developer integrator, you can consider pursuing your education by applying to a Bachelor's Degree (Third Year) in Graphic and Digital Design recognised by the FEDE (Federation for EDucation in Europe) and IDELart-culture.


Programme of the Interactive Media Developer Integrator training

This program is made up of 24 weeks of schooling and 8 weeks of internship in a company. The schooling weeks are divided in modules, allowing for a gradual and chronological educational journey and leading to the creation of digital applications. The program requires that you accomplish an individual project, for you to experience the way the production process works.

The internship is mandatory and will give you the opportunity to get some first-hand work experience. It will facilitate your integration into working life and make it much easier for you to join multidisciplinary teams and work for graphic design studios, advertising agencies, design, communications and creative agencies.

Interactive Media Developer Integrator 60
Design Culture and Project Management
Web Design and Creative Monitoring
UX Design, Ergonomics
Mobile Design, Interface Design
Motion Design, Online Videos
HTML 5 - Advanced Level
CSS 3 - Advanced Level
Javascript Development (Front-End)
HTML 5 and CSS 3 - Expert Level
Online Motion Design: Adobe Animate
PHP Development and Databases
CMS Wordpress
Digital Project Management
How to apply

Apply for the Interactive Media Developer Integrator training

There is a specific admissions procedure to follow to apply to the Interactive Media Developer Integrator Program. The International Office is here to support you throughout the application process and remains at your disposal for any request you might have.

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Certifications of the Interactive Media Developer Integrator training

This program grants access to the title of Interactive Media Integrator Developper, certified at level 5 by the French National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP) pursuant to the ministerial decree of July 28, 2017 published in the Official Journal on August 05, 2017.


Testimonials: Interactive Media Developer Integrator

After a rather chaotic schooling and a good encounter, Autograf opened its doors to me and I entered the Interactive Media Developer Integrator Program. Today, after having worked as a freelancer for a while, I am at the head of a communications agency specialised in the web. It's always with great pleasure that I sometimes visit Autograf to share my experience with my teachers or even to take part to a jury.
ChristopherInteractive Media Developer Integrator


An RNCP-certified diploma in less than a year which certifies skills and versatility in digital media.

Besides, this program is focusing on concrete elements: digital models which include both theoretical and practical teachings, under the supervision of professional instructors.

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