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Multimedia Model Maker Graphics Designer

Certified Level 4 by the French National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP)

This high school-level state-recognized diploma will allow you to learn a trade and work immediately after graduating as a multimedia model maker and graphics designer.
This program is available to anyone wishing to acquire the required skills to become a multimedia model maker and graphics designer. You will conceive some products on varied media and supports in the areas of graphic design, publishing, advertising, and digital technology.
The validation of a state-recognised level 4 program will allow you to apply to a higher education institution.

Possible status: You can apply to this program as an undergraduate student, as part of your continuous education or with a work-study program (apprenticeships or vocational training schemes). Indicative pace: one week spent in school for every two weeks spent working in a company.
This program is APEL compatible.

Duration of the course: Six months, face-to-face or distance learning.

Career Prospects: This program will prepare you to work as a DTP Model Maker, a Computer Graphics Designer, a Web Designer, an Illustrator, etc. Working as a Graphics Designer, either as a freelancer or an employee within an advertising agency, a design studio, or a studio within a company or a public office. After graduating from this certifed program, you will be able to conceive models and layouts, to redesign typography and logotype, to finalise printout with a good understanding of the various computer softwares and peripherals (In Design, Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, scanners, burners, printers). You will develop the necessary skills in webdesign to build a website.

Further Education: After validation of your level-4 certified diploma in multimedia model maker graphics designer, you can consider applying to a Diploma of Interactive Media Integrator, Certified Level 5 by the French National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP) or a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic and Digital Design, recognised by the FEDE (Federation for EDucation in Europe) and IDELart-culture.


Programme of the Multimedia Model Maker Graphics Designer training

This program includes a 7 week-long internship for undergraduates students. The schooling weeks are divided in modules, allowing for a gradual and chronological educational journey.

The internship is mandatory and will give you the opportunity to get some first-hand work experience. It will facilitate your integration into working life and make it much easier for you to join multidisciplinary teams and work for graphic design studios, advertising agencies, design, communications and creative agencies.

Teaching Units / Subjects
Plastic and Graphic Fundamentals
Typographic Training
Rough Sketch
Model and Layout
Advertising Campaign
CAD: Adobe Illustrator
Image Processing: Adobe Photoshop
DTP: Adobe InDesign
Pre-press: Theoretical Knowledge and Pratical Approach to the Complete Production Chain of a Printed Document
Book Prep: Learning How to Prepare a Professional Portfolio
HTML / CSS Coding
HTML Editor: Adobe Dreamweaver
Vector Animation: Adobe Animate
CMS: Wordpress
Web Project Development
How to apply

Apply for the Multimedia Model Maker Graphics Designer training

There is a specific admissions procedure to follow to apply to the Multimedia Model Maker Graphics Designer Program. The International Office is here to support you throughout the application process and remains at your disposal for any request you might have.

Apply now


Certifications of the Multimedia Model Maker Graphics Designer training

This program grants access to the title of Multimedia Model Maker Graphics Designer, certified at level 4 by the French National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP) pursuant to the ministerial decree of July 28, 2017 published in the Official Journal on August 05, 2017.

Certifications success rate

Class of 2022:

Multimedia Model Maker Graphics Designer100%

Testimonials: Multimedia Model Maker Graphics Designer

I wanted to start working early. I wanted to become a computer graphics designer but I didn't really feel at ease in high school. I much prefer studying in modules and being assessed at the end of each week. I find it more reassuring.
ThomasMultimedia Model Maker Graphics Designer


A high school-level diploma, a gateway to higher education

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