Formations, Jeu Vidéo / 3D

Video Game Design / CGI

With Autograf, a Video Game Art specialist, you will learn the trades of the industry and learn how to work on a project. Surrounded by video game professionals (Ubisoft, etc.), you'll be ready to join the CGI and video games sectors as a creative technician.

Our programs are recognised by the State and certified level 5 and 7 (master's degree) by the French National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP).

Autograf trains future 3D Computer Graphics Designers, Character Designers, Storyboarders, Model Makers, Renderer Designers, 3D Animators, Level Designers, Art Directors and other specialists working in the video game and CGI sectors. Our programs cover all aspects of video game production: storylines, character design, storyboards, model making, textures, lights, shadows, sounds, animation, level design, programming, etc.

CGI is to be found in numerous fields: advertising, web, television and movie formats, special effects of any kind, architecture, landscaping, video games, video game art, 3D computer graphics, 3D animation, etc.

Our programs:

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