Architecture Workshop Jury in Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design

First jury of the year for our 2nd year of Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design

In groups of two, the 2nd year of Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design students had to work on the layout of an artist’s apartment.
Each pair had a different client for the same apartment, photographer, painter, sculptor, etc. Therefore special requests had to be respected so that they could each have a workspace inside their apartment corresponding to their profession. The aim was to design the space according to the tastes and needs of the client, with the same surface area, which resulted in completely different projects.

In each of the presentations, we find the cut plans of the apartment as well as the sheets of materials and colors that the students wanted to assign to their project. They also presented a 3D model and a physical model to the jury to explain their choices and the arrangements within the apartment.

This jury allowed students to get advice on improvements to their project. They will soon present again their project to the same jury after having made the requested modifications. It was also an opportunity for students to work on the oral presentation of their work and to gain confidence.

We are very excited to follow the next step of their projects!

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