Fablab «Interface and 3D Printing» for our students in Video Games

The 3rd year Bachelor Video Game Art students had the opportunity to carry out a workshop on 3D printing a partnership the Fablab of the Maison Populaire de Montreuil.

The evolution of the video game and its transition to connected interfaces enabled our students to take on a new challenge during this workshop. In a daily life where video games project a lot towards the future and its technological advances, they were led to create a game interface or a 3D object from an utopian or dystopian fiction.

In order to create their objects in 3D modeling they wrote a scenario about its use, the use of software like Cura were recommended during the exercise for the vectorization of their drawings. Once their object was finalized thanks to the Fablab of the Maison Populaire de Montreuil, they were able to train themselves in 3D printing and laser or CNC cutting.

Discover the 3D creations of our Bachelor Video Game Art students, some have reinvented everyday objects like a decapitable alarm clock in the shape of a video game character (AMONG US). There is also MOODX, thermal vision mood glasses or holographic game rings (G. RING O.).

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