First outing of the year for FLE Art students

Following the easing of health restrictions, the students of the FLE Art course had the chance to visit the Rodin Museum located in the heart of Paris.

The students, accompanied by Nathalie Ourthe-Cabalé, a teacher of plastic expression, were able to immerse themselves in the works and learn about the different artistic techniques of Auguste Rodin, a reputed 19th century sculptor. Afterwards, they also had the opportunity to approach the strength of materials thanks to a presentation of the processes related to shaping: the mouldings and the foundry.

They were also able to appreciate the movement and history of the works, but also the place. Their journey through the museum led them to discover the mastery and subtlety of the many creations of Camille Claudel, sculptor and painter.

The visit ended with a visit to the gardens, the alleys and the main fountains to let the students express their creativity through drawing.

Let's illustrate this day at the museum with some photos:

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