First projects for the 1st years of International Bachelor’s Degree in French-Japanese Design

Discover the works of our new International Bachelor’s Degree in French-Japanese Design students!

To start the year well the teacher of Manga and Japanese Drawing, Michael Sery asked the students to make a manga cover inspired by their personal Top 3 all universes.

This work served as a warm-up at the beginning of the course for several sessions. This exercise was not easy since they had to draw their characters without reference images to start with and directly to the pen. The prerequisites for a good manga cover are: the management of the space, all the cover must be filled, no space must be empty unless justified and especially the cover must tell a story, We must understand from the first glance what the manga volume will talk about.

Once their first sketches were completed, they switched to filling, some chose to finish their cover in colors others left it in black and white, the result is just as striking.

Thanks to these exercises, the students stimulated different abilities: the management of space and movement, the sense of proportions, but also the choice of colors.

Work of very good quality for these students who started their training only a few weeks ago, we are eager to follow their progress!

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