Plastic Expression Workshop - The Body in Balance

As every year, our first-year students of Bachelor’s Degree in Design, experienced their plastic awakening workshop divided into three workrooms.

The workshop brought together our three 1st year of Bachelor’s Degree in Design classes divided into three groups, they performed a rotation between three workshops on volume, drawing and storyboard. The objective was to represent the body in motion through different disciplines, drawing with Chinese ink and charcoal, modeling with clay, and line drawing. The exercise was designed as a « mini laboratory of creative reactivity experiments ».

In the volume and drawing workshops, the students had a living model as a subject for their artistic project. In drawing, the difficulty was to succeed in transcribing the areas of shadow and light, while in modeling, it was a matter of creating volume and relief.
The storyboarding workshop allowed them to use both the plastic expression, the graphic expression and the digital creation. This workshop was done in group, unlike the others where usually they work individually on a project.

At the end of their week-long workshop, the students presented their individual and group work to their teachers and classmates. By making them discover the richness of the different techniques of possible representations through the choice of colors, the expression of contrast and narration, this week of workshop allowed our students to express and demonstrate their emerging talents, in drawing and graphic and plastic expression.

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