The first projects of our students in International Bachelor’s Degree in French-Japanese Design

As the end of the first semester approaches, we would like to share with you some of the projects of our first year students in International Bachelor’s Degree in French-Japanese Design.

In the digital illustration class, to explore the basics of drawing on a graphic tablet, three exercises were proposed to them, drawing three characters for three different renderings by choosing for each one a theme among : Waifu, hero and antagonist. First a character in feet only in Black and White, the next one in colour and finally the last one with a character in a colour setting.

In Manga classes, they have for example had the project to create an "original" character from the world of Manga, Jap' anime and Jap' Video-Gaming. In order to find the perfect match, they were inspired by a personal Top 5 of their favourite characters, the fusion of all the characters giving life to their personal heroes.

Thanks to these exercises the students stimulated different skills: the sense of observation, the management of space and movement, the sense of proportion but also the choice of colours.

Very good quality work for these students who started their training only a few months ago, we are looking forward to following their progress!

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