Warsaw Biennial Student Contest

This year our Graphic Design Master's students are participating in the Warsaw Biennial student contest.

Professor Lech Majewski, president of the organising committee of the International Poster Biennale in Warsaw, has invited Autograf students currently in the Master of Graphic Design program to highlight their creativity at the 27th Biennale, the theme of which is « A changing world and health ».

The students are accompanied by Thierry Sarfis, a renowned graphic designer and professor of the 1st year class of the Master's degree in Graphic Design, to whom he teaches visual storytelling and project monitoring.

On the one hand, they must create an advertising poster explaining either the role of the poster in society or expressing the role of the Biennial. On the other hand, they have to create a 15-second video clip based on the concept of their poster.

Apart from the format of the posters and some visual elements related to the Biennial, no constraints were imposed, so that the students could express their creativity freely and bring an original and young approach to the subject.

Let's discover together, some very promising posters!

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